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About Dobin Law Group, P.A.

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Marc S. Dobin founded the firm in June 2008.

Marc started in securities arbitration as an in-house litigator for Prudential Securities Incorporated.  After deciding that he did not have the "New York state of mind" he moved to Florida where took up residence in Jupiter in 1993.  He worked for a mid-size West Palm Beach law firm for five years and then, with a partner, struck out on their own with a firm called Dobin & Jenks, LLP in 1999.  The partners went their separate ways in the summer of 2008 and Marc opened Marc S. Dobin, P.A.  The firm strives to provide large law firm quality with personalized, value-based services.

Marc represented primarily securities industry clients for the first ten or so years of his practice.  He has since represented several investors in arbitrations.  Marc sees it that the rules do not change just because the lawyer changes from one side of the table to the other.  An unauthorized trade either "is" or "isn't".  Suitability is determined by a number of factors.  There are defenses to all claims in arbitration (other than theft, one would think).  So representing industry parties and public customers is not inconsistent.

Dobin Law Group, P.A. handles commercial, employment and securities related disputes in litigation and arbitration.  Marc Dobin is also a mediator, primarily in securities industry-related disputes.